Sources/Works Cited

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Prompt #3: Rhetorical Analysis

Before the 21st century, transgender people were often discriminated against and harassed. This meant non-binary people often experienced depression, anxiety, and fear because of their gender identity. Reform groups including The National Center for Transgender Equality and Transgender Foundation of America were established to prevent harassment and discrimination of non-binary people. In the same way, [...]

Prompt #2: Significance of Title/Subtitle

The title and subtitle serve as an important role in promoting a book because it gives the first impression in a clear and concise way that makes the audience excited to read the book. The title and subtitle also hint at crucial underlying themes, genre, and central ideas to the story. Dashka Slater, author, does [...]

Prompt #1: Making Connections

In The 57 Bus, Dashka Slater writes a real and authentic story exposing the inequalities and discrimination the African American community and the LGBTQ community face daily. One common symbol referenced throughout the book is the card game Sasha played with her friends, also known as the 1001 Blank White Card game. The game brings [...]

Goodwill Excel Center gives adult students a second chance at getting their high school diploma

While Goodwill is known for its thrift stores, Cody Chamberlain remembers Goodwill for something much deeper– the chance to confront a lingering regret. “I’ve just been beating myself up about it. Like why did I quit, why did I quit,” Chamberlain explained. A drop out of Fulton High School in Fulton, MO, Chamberlain has been [...]

The Achievement Gap Crisis: Opportunities Decrease for Poor Children

Poverty affects more than a child’s home life; it also affects the behavior of adolescents in many different ways. In Columbia, 16 percent of children 18-and-under are living in impoverished conditions, according to 2018 data collected by Boone County. These numbers are still rising. Rachel Jones, a licensed counselor and Mental Health Director at Burrell [...]