COMO Magazine

Kaitlyn interned at COMO Magazine as an editorial writer.

Take a look at some of Kaitlyn’s favorite work.

Photo provided by Linda Schust.

Breaking down barriers through art

When you enter Jabberwocky’s fine arts studio on Grand Avenue, you will quickly find people there that are more similar than different – the common denominator is not one’s socioeconomic status or ethnicity, but the desire to create. Read the full story here.

Photo provided by TerriAnn Tucker-Warhover.

Getting puppies on the right paw

In a roundabout way, TerriAnn Tucker-Warhover’s background in veterinary medicine led her to create Puppies with Purpose nine years ago. Read the full story here.

Photo by Anthony Jinson.

Bringing the party with Airmagination

Crafting and styling balloon arches, garlands, backgrounds, neon signs, and event set-ups is an artform at Airmagination — a balloon styling and decoration company. The main allure of the business remains the “organic” balloon installations. Various shapes, sizes, and colors of balloons turn a bar, doorway, or wall into something unearthly. “Naturally, balloons elevate the mood of any occasion,” co-founder Destiny McKnight says. “But this is more than just balloons. Our displays bring attention and can make any event pop.” Read the full story here.

Photo provided by Karen Grindler.

The healing power of horses

It’s no surprise that animals can have healing powers.

Karen Grindler founded Cedar Creek Therapeutic Riding Center in 1988. The theater and communications alumna from MU arrived at the idea for Cedar Creek after noticing a sort of absence in Columbia. Read the full story here.

Photo by Anthony Jinson.

From startup to success

Brothers Jabbok and Willy Schlacks were working in the construction industry when they realized how difficult it was to acquire equipment. Many contractors had loads of equipment not in use and sitting around while others had to pay hefty costs to lease equipment from rental companies or buy the equipment outright. Read the full story here.

Photo by Keith Borgmeyer.

What’s on the shelf at Daniel Boone Regional Library?

One of the myths that Margaret Conroy, executive director of Daniel Boone Regional Library, hopes to debunk is that public libraries are only quiet places full of bookshelves. Read the full story here.