Goodwill Excel Center gives adult students a second chance at getting their high school diploma

While Goodwill is known for its thrift stores, Cody Chamberlain remembers Goodwill for something much deeper– the chance to confront a lingering regret. “I’ve just been beating myself up about it. Like why did I quit, why did I quit,” Chamberlain explained. A drop out of Fulton High School in Fulton, MO, Chamberlain has been [...]

The Achievement Gap Crisis: Opportunities Decrease for Poor Children

Poverty affects more than a child’s home life; it also affects the behavior of adolescents in many different ways. In Columbia, 16 percent of children 18-and-under are living in impoverished conditions, according to 2018 data collected by Boone County. These numbers are still rising. Rachel Jones, a licensed counselor and Mental Health Director at Burrell [...]

Darkroom Records Hosts First Ever ‘Busk 4 Blues’ Competition

Aspiring artists meet every afternoon in a recording studio at Battle High School. This year, however, Darkroom Records, a free recording studio in Columbia Public Schools, is sending artists out of the recording studio and into the community. Darkroom Records introduced their first-ever ‘Busk 4 Blues’ competition. “The ‘Busk 4 Blues’ competition is a chance [...]

Aspiring Teachers Intern in Columbia Public Schools

Students in Columbia Public Schools are getting a head start on real-world experience within the teaching industry.  “Fresh out of college, you rarely have anything significant to say in a job interview. No one asks about your accounting class or what grade you got on a group project,” Kaitlyn Tradbucco, founder of Educents by CoLearn, [...]

The Last Rise

While the sun rose on August 15 just like any day, this sunrise had much significance for the class of 2020 and will be one they will remember for the rest of their lives. The senior sunrise, a new event hosted by the 2020 class officers, marked the start to the end of their high [...]