The Last Rise

While the sun rose on August 15 just like any day, this sunrise had much significance for the class of 2020 and will be one they will remember for the rest of their lives. The senior sunrise, a new event hosted by the 2020 class officers, marked the start to the end of their high school careers.

Danielle Calle, class president, said that the senior class officers decided in late July that they wanted to host a senior sunrise. 

“As class officers, we wanted to provide events and activities that the senior class will remember when they are older,” Calle said. “We thought the sunrise would do that because it would come full circle with the sunset at the end of the year.”

Class officers promoted the event just a week before, posting several photos to Instagram and Twitter and creating a Remind class. Students also spread the word about the event during Jump Start day on August 14. 

Around 50 students trickled onto the football field around 6 a.m. last Thursday. Seniors rallied together to enjoy donuts, conversations, and music. Class officers also took class song recommendations toward the end of the sunrise. 

“I loved getting to meet new people that I wouldn’t have really talked to during the school day,” Amy Rivera said while explaining her favorite part of the event. “Everyone just put aside their differences and really just enjoyed being in the moment with each other.” 

Though new, Victoria Herin, event planning manager, says she hopes the senior sunrise becomes a tradition for the school. 

“The senior sunrise symbolizes our journey through education, especially for our senior year. It’s the beginning of the end. All in all, senior year goes by as fast as a day does,” Herin explained. 


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