Photo Diary: Camp Rocky Top

As schedules open up during summertime kids often look forward to summer camps, traveling, and hanging out with friends. Two weeks ago, I had the privilege to travel to Ocoee, Tennessee, to film and take pictures of students who attended Camp Rocky Top, a church camp.

When I arrived to camp, the views automatically struck me. I’ve always had trouble being present in my life–I’m worried about the next blog post, the next assignment, the next person I need to please. Yet butterflies in my stomach swarmed me of pure amazement of the creation our wonderful God created, not anxiousness.


The week continued with activities including rock climbing, high ropes, swimming, and more!

By Monday, it started raining and made the trip very cool. Kids shivering as they were submerged in room-like temperature chlorine water and 60 degree weather. Golf carts could be spotted throughout the whole camp carrying students due to the muddy trails too wet to walk on. Yet, students still continued smiling despite the conditions.

Throughout the week, you could tell Jesus started to work in the hearts of the students. Students began to have deeper conversations with their small groups and were challenged in their morning devotionals. At worship, they read the book of Jonah and heard about a good and faithful God. Despite our selfish ways and tendencies to runway from God, He continues to chase after us. God doesn’t runaway from runaways. 

By the end of the week it was evident that Jesus had been working in the hearts of students who attended the camp.

This morning I sat down and did a devotion on Jonah 3 to prepare for the sermon tonight. I’m excited to be back into devotions, but this morning I didn’t have someone holding my hand and telling me ‘Okay Dani, read chapter three’. I did it on my own.

-Daniela Calle

Want to see more pictures from throughout the week

High School Recap Video

Middle School Recap Video

(Disclaimer: All work shown and linked on this page was done by the media team) 

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