My Baptism Experience & Why I Waited

“Do you believe Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior?”

I do.

As I stand on the stage, I say the two-word phrase ‘I do’. My pastor puts the water in his hand, I close my eyes, and water pours over my head.

Recently, I got baptized and this is what the scene looked like. However, on the inside my heart was being transformed – I died with Christ, and I rose again with all sins washed away.

Throughout the process of getting baptized, I had many conversations and questions as to why I thought I was ready to be baptized and why I waited so long. And, I wanted to share them with you.

I grew up in a Christian household. I spent Sundays at church, but when I reflect on my life as a little girl, I didn’t know who Jesus was. My relationship with God was reflective of my parents and I was living a faith that wasn’t my own. Therefore, when I grew up I decided that I wanted to wait to be baptized until I knew I had my own faith and knew who God was.

Baptism wasn’t something I thought of until last year when I was chatting with one of my small group leaders about the ways I had seen God work in my life. I couldn’t help but cry. I couldn’t speak. I was literally in awe of my perfect Lord and all the things he had done for me. Even when I was unfaithful, he was the faithful one.

So, eventually this conversation led to the next. And the next. And I eventually decided baptism was something I was interested in. But I didn’t want to step into any plans that weren’t made for me, so I prayed on it and allowed God to give me the answers. All glory to him (because I really wanted to get baptized). And, it wasn’t until I was flipping through the church event folder, that I saw the title ‘Baptism Service’ on the paper. I cried right when I saw it because I knew God was telling me this was the moment.

And, I am glad I decided to wait till I knew I was completely in-awe of the Creator and I couldn’t help but get on my knees and cry because of the ways he had worked in my life.

The Bible tells us in Matthew 28, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (v. 19-20). This means that we are joined with Christ. But also, a symbol of God’s promises and faithfulness by giving up worldly ways to follow God’s perfect plan for me.

I trust that.

And that gives me hope.

One thought on “My Baptism Experience & Why I Waited

  1. I am so glad I was there to witness this very special event in your life! Blessings Always – love grandma


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